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Medical Records

Wound and medical history

  • An old wound on the lower right hand side of his stomach from a gunshot received on his last mission for Argosy Special Operations

  • Magog claw wounds to his left shoulder, back, and right hip from episode 1.22. These wounds were so severe he nearly died from blood loss

  • A recently healed break to the lower right leg from episode 2.01

  • A wound to the upper right arm from debris from an explosion received in episode 2.05

  • Though not specified in canon, doubtless many other wounds from his time in Argosy Special Operations

He doesn't appear to any longer have any obvious scars from these wounds, probably as a result of Trance and her nanos.

Just before his canon entry point, he's been cured by Trance of a parasitic infection that works on the nervous system. The parasites were killed by nanobots that zapped them with an electric shock.


Though in linear time Dylan is 343, he did not age (as time was not passing for him) during the time he spent stuck in the black hole's event horizon, so he appears 40 years old. He's 6' 3" tall, muscular, and very fit thanks to regular exercise.

Dylan's mother was 100% Heavy Gravity Worlder, which is a sub-group of humans who have been genetically engineered to survive under high gravity conditions. He has all the traits of Heavy Worlders, even though he's only 50% one genetically.

These traits are a very heavy and dense skeleto-muscular system, giving him a high body mass and much more strength than an ordinary human. You can pick a Heavy Worlder by weighing them. His metabolism also runs faster than an ordinary human's. Infections spread faster if he's unfortunate enough to catch one his enhanced immune system can't handle, and he needs more food more regularly than an ordinary human.

He'll show as genetically engineered if you compare his genetics with a human's.

His father was also not human, but was a member of a highly advanced sentient race disguised as a human. As he currently has no idea about this in canon and he's doubtless received many medical scans, it's likely it won't show up in his scans.

His system's full of nanobots as they are regularly used for medical purposes in the Andromeda universe. The nanobots that boost his immune system can also be used to track him if your equipment is calibrated right.

He's got a sub-dermal communications implants behind his right ear.

If your character has to give him a hypo, he's the world's biggest baby about them (see icon). The High Guard's best and bravest, my friends.

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