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Want to run a thing? Got an idea for me?

Leave it here!
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yeah for real; now he's got a copy of it on his phone mwuahaha i mean what

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i didn't even know you had a compass

just, like, the one direction
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it's better you know now than when it comes up later in a more dire situation

or something
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you need something better


[ Stronger, too.

Encouraging bad behaviour? Peter? Naaaah. ]
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hey no one said anything about moving your moral compass, man

at least i didn't

it's good you're letting loose, dylan. seriously
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yay to having fun?
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[ Screenshots > Save to Gallery ]


tell me more
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sounds like a party

speaking of parties - what got you to this state this time?
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[ Dylan is sounding more and more ass-kicking awesome with each little story he recounts.

Peter's impressed. ]

aww why not??

i'm sure it's a great story
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no i totally get that

dude, you are so cool

so what are nightsiders exactly?
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so in other words

you guys totally walked right into that one
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lol but you do sing?
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i could believe it

you should sing again one day

[ Mostly because it takes some imagination to consider what Dylan sounds like singing. ]
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challenge accepted.
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hey, you gotta explore all your options
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whoa whoa whoa, are you recruiting me now?

i mean, i'm no guardian of the galaxy or whatever so... how exactly can i help?
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yeah, so you told me.

never knew it'd reach me though