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[ Personal Log ]: A Hallowe'en peace offering

This thing with Harper isn't going away.

Dylan's relationship with Harper has never been this strained for this long. They've had disagreements. Harper can be a handful, and it can take a firm, sometimes very firm, hand to draw him into line. It had been hard, at first, learning how to command each of the members of his new crew. Each of them needs something different, and Harper ... needs somewhere to belong. And, occasionally, to be reminded what is and isn't appropriate and acceptable for the crew that's trying to restore the Commonwealth.

Until now, it's always blown over with time. Even when Dylan's failings were worse than just not being sure how best to combine support and discipline with Harper. There have been times when he's failed him on a much deeper level than that. Like over Earth.

Still, it's never been like this. Harper's been snappy and unpleasant for weeks, and it's untenable. He needs his engineer.

Besides, if this was about trust and mistrust and Harper's behavior, what he's learned from Captain Rogers goes a long way towards addressing that.

This would be better were it not for the bright blue hair and the historic naval uniform, but it's gone on too long already, and he's worked out his strategy, which is why he has one of his bracers tucked into his belt as he strides down the corridor towards Harper's room.

When Harper answers the door, he'll be greeted by his captain with a terse expression on his face and a warning finger raised to forestall Harper's commentary.

"Not. A. Word. About the hair."
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Harper was not expecting Dylan at the door. Certainly not dressed like he was from... well it was better not go to wandering too far down the path of how Harper recognized that sort of uniform. If the hair was off limits then Dylan should have also mentioned the uniform. That was... wandering back towards dangerous territory again.

The engineer opened his mouth and then closed it again with a shake of his head, which had very blonde hair, bleached blonde and bright even for him but it wasn't blue. He wasn't sure if it was better that most of it couldn't be seen because of what he had found himself dressed in. Harper may have looked like a tiger but if you had any idea about Earth history this was not just a tiger it was Tigger. He decided to let the idea of mocking Dylan's outfit go very quickly.

The expression and the warning finger weren't quite enough to stop him but given what he was wearing that was. That and there was still candy to stash away. He looked back into the room, turning so it showed that his costume even had a tail though it wasn't obvious that the contents of the closet were now scattered to the four corners of the room and there were boxes of candy stacked neatly inside instead. If he couldn't get the beer he liked and there was still a distinct lack of sparky then he had to make do.

"So... what brings you here then?"
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Harper would argue it was cute and he'd be trying to see if it was any use at all in making any progress with any of the women he'd met aboard the Enterprise. Which it probably would lead to more set backs.

"Okay." He frowned, slightly worried at the implications of it all. Was he in more trouble, but Dylan was too calm for that. He couldn't be worried about the amount of candy the engineer had stashed. "C'mon boss, you know I don't like you like that." He moved from blocking the door and let it shut behind him. He did pay attention to not getting his tail trapped. "You're still buying right?"
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"I'm hurt, boss, hurt." He probably could have pulled off the expression and the fake hurt a lot better if he hadn't been dressed as he was. Or if it had been anyone but those who knew him too well and Dylan fell firmly into that category.

He looked up at Dylan and wished he was back in the familiar machine shop or one of the many ducts, conduits or access tunnels that made up the places he knew best on Andromeda. When Dylan came to then it was on Harper's terms. This felt more like it was on Dylan's or neutral. Which didn't feel right.

"We can talk." He could be civil. Ish. The fact that he was dressed as Tigger took a lot away from the more usual cocky behavior.
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Harper can't help but laugh. He may not want to right then but he does. He laughs. Which is a start.

"You ate the candy huh." He is trying to say something as they walk and he is mentioning the hair but not mocking outright. "Did your outfit not come with a hat?" It wasn't meant to be the wrong thing to say it was just Harper being curious and Dylan with the blue hair was just not right.
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"Well I can see how it's close to the hair. Since hats generally cover up hair. Given their purpose in life." Sadly none of this was actually sarcastic. He was just talking and well talking. "And an outfit like that they tend to have hats to go along with them. For however long they're actually worn." Now he was straying close to why he knew about these outfits.

Harper realised this information might not be appreciated by someone like Dylan. He waved a paw and shrugged in a way that made it look like he might actually bounce like Tigger would. "So boss, what did you want to talk about?" He isn't sure this is a safer topic to move onto.
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(No one wants to know what Harper is thinking most of the time.)

That get's Harper's attention. He's can forget about everything else, he's curious what Dylan wants him to do. Usually it would mean making something or doing something. Hopefully making, because he missed that. He missed the machine shop. All he was making around the Enterprise then was a mess.

"Sure boss, what is it?"

It had to have got his attention because there were no smart remarks back.
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"I know about them, I haven't actually had chance to go check them out properly." He wanted to though. Harper wanted to see if he could go surfing. If they were going to visit rocks that were all caves and inhospitable then he was going to have to explore a different way of doing something he loved that wasn't going to end up with Dylan having to come fetch him from the brig.

"I bet they have all sorts of programs." He smirked. "If not nothing that the Harper charm can't convince to work a little differently." He looked up at Dylan. "Or I could ask before doing that. Asking. Right, boss?"
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Harper at first gives an absent nod, he's not really focused on what Dylan's saying properly. He's already planning on what he could be doing. There are many things he could get up to with a full holodeck at his control. The possibilities are endless and this is the man to explore just how far he can go.

"Try?" Harper was back and frowning at Dylan. "There is no need for me to try. I can do it. With their permission. Who do I even need to ask? And what exactly is it you want? I can recreate Andromeda, I know all the best..." He stopped.

"What do you want me to program for you boss?"