dreams_dont_die: (Careful!)
Captain Dylan Hunt ([personal profile] dreams_dont_die) wrote2014-11-02 10:47 pm

[ Personal Log ]: A Hallowe'en peace offering

This thing with Harper isn't going away.

Dylan's relationship with Harper has never been this strained for this long. They've had disagreements. Harper can be a handful, and it can take a firm, sometimes very firm, hand to draw him into line. It had been hard, at first, learning how to command each of the members of his new crew. Each of them needs something different, and Harper ... needs somewhere to belong. And, occasionally, to be reminded what is and isn't appropriate and acceptable for the crew that's trying to restore the Commonwealth.

Until now, it's always blown over with time. Even when Dylan's failings were worse than just not being sure how best to combine support and discipline with Harper. There have been times when he's failed him on a much deeper level than that. Like over Earth.

Still, it's never been like this. Harper's been snappy and unpleasant for weeks, and it's untenable. He needs his engineer.

Besides, if this was about trust and mistrust and Harper's behavior, what he's learned from Captain Rogers goes a long way towards addressing that.

This would be better were it not for the bright blue hair and the historic naval uniform, but it's gone on too long already, and he's worked out his strategy, which is why he has one of his bracers tucked into his belt as he strides down the corridor towards Harper's room.

When Harper answers the door, he'll be greeted by his captain with a terse expression on his face and a warning finger raised to forestall Harper's commentary.

"Not. A. Word. About the hair."

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