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Captain Dylan Hunt ([personal profile] dreams_dont_die) wrote2014-12-16 10:30 pm

The morning after the night before

There was something Dylan failed to think through before he spent the night in Marion's room.

Okay. There was more than one thing he failed to think through, but there's one thing that's important that occurs to him as he 's making his -- admittedly short -- way between Marion's room and his, and that is that, unlike Marion, he has a roommate.

He hasn't had a roommate for a very long time, especially if you discount the home he'd occasionally, when their schedules allowed it, shared with Sara on Tarn-Vedra. Admittedly, on his ship, there'd be Rommie to disapprove, because there's only so much privacy possible on a ship run by an AI, especially when she makes it her duty to know what's going on with you.

There's no shame for him in this, but he's also not keen on the idea of being interrogated by his still none-too-friendly roommate. Especially when he's still wearing last night's workout clothes. (He could, of course, have gotten new clothes from Marion's replicator, but for the short walk to his room, it hadn't seemed worth it.)

He's not sure what the time is, but he has a feeling it's a little too late to expect Lucie to still be asleep. He'd gotten ... distracted for a while before he'd said goodbye to Marion.

That's why Dylan's trying to be as quiet as possible when he slips back into room 748.
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Normally, Lucie wasn't an early riser, but a Krynoid-themed nightmare had awakened her early that morning. She had stumbled out of bed and made her way to the replicator for a hot cup of tea. Traveling with the Doctor was magnificent, and worth any cost, but there had been things she'd seen -- terrible things.

She's still sitting in the edge of the couch when the door opens. She looks up, expecting to see Dylan to come in from his bedroom, but instead he steps inside from the hall outside.

She tilted her head to regard him.

"I made tea..." She looked at the closed bedroom door, then back to him.

"Early morning workout, eh?"
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She tilted her head and regarded him.

"Workout in the holodeck, aye?"

Oh, she figured it out, Dylan.
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"Yeah, I'll bet you got those balls all over," she muttered to herself, just loudly enough for him to hear. "Shouldn't surprise me, really," she said, now to him. "You seem like a... basketball kind of guy."
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Of course he's talking about what a great guy he is at... basketball. Insufferable, arrogant...

"Ugh! Blokes!" Lucie finally spits, storming off back to her room. Why was she stuck with such an awful roommate who was constantly trying to hit on her and anything that moved? He was like the cover of a bleeding romance novel!