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The Commonwealth wasn't just an institution

it was a dream, but dreams don't die

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Name:Captain Dylan Hunt
Location:Andromeda Ascendant
Website:Navigation Post



If the Commonwealth High Guard
had a weakness, it was this:
Its officers were too competent,
too caring and too brave.

Yin Man-Wei
The Rise and Fall of the Systems Commonwealth
C.Y. 11942

( In the High Guard, we pledged to hold the line against the night. That's what the Commonwealth meant. )

Three hundred years ago, the Systems Commonwealth covered over a million worlds in three galaxies, in an age of peace and prosperity. Its military were the High Guard, elite, highly-trained, well-equipped, running exploration and humanitarian missions and defending the interests of the Commonwealth. It all ended in chaos after rebel Nietzscheans launched a civil war. The opening blow included an ambush of Commonwealth ships at the Battle of Hephaistos.

One of those ships was the High Guard Glorious Heritage Class heavy cruiser Andromeda Ascendant. Impossibly outnumbered and losing the fight, her captain, Dylan Hunt, ordered the crew to abandon ship and flew into a black hole hoping to slingshot his way out of danger ...

And came out 303 years later.

( I lost my crew. My family. My friends. My fiancée. I lost the time and age I belong to. Rev, hell, I lost civilization itself. )

Now, Dylan's a man out of his time. The Commonwealth's gone, along with everyone and everything he's ever loved. Except his ship and his dreams. And those dreams are to see the Commonwealth restored. So Dylan commands a ragtag crew trying to bring together the worlds he needs to make that dream a reality.

Dylan is a big man at 6'3" tall, with abnormally high body mass thanks to genetic modification on his mother's side. He's superhumanly strong, fit, and an excellent fighter. He's got shaggy brown hair and bright blue eyes and looks around 40 years old (though his crew were kind enough to remind him at his last birthday that he's technically 343). He's usually wearing some combination of his High Guard uniform turtleneck, military pants and jacket. He's also usually wearing two thigh holsters, the right-hand one holding his force lance.

Dylan's at [community profile] ten_fwd from season 2 of Andromeda, date C.Y. 10088 (5168 C.E.). He enters the game just after episode 2.15, Dance of the Mayflies, some months before the ratification of the charter of the Restored Systems Commonwealth.

At [community profile] allsystems, Dylan is from whatever canon point takes his fancy.

( The Commonwealth wasn't just an institution, it was a dream, but dreams don't die and as long as I'm alive and in command of the Andromeda, neither will the Commonwealth. )

Dylan Hunt is the property of Tribune Entertainment, with whom I am not affiliated. Icons feature Kevin Sorbo. No copyright infringement is intended, and no profit is being made. He's just falling through time (again) to [community profile] ten_fwd. Profile code by [personal profile] manual.

( Idealism's gotten me this far, Tyr, I must be doing something right. )

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